Oksana Mas

Chornomorsk, Ukraine | 1969

Pysanka is the Ukranian custom of decorating eggs with traditional designs at Eastertime. Usually painted during lent by the women of the family as their children slept, the symbols, patterns and colour combinations were typically handed down from mother to daughter. The eggs were gifted to family members at Eastertime as a symbolic gift of life, whereby the symbols varied from region to region but always expressed wishes or protection and love. Here, Mas employs hand-painted wooden eggs into a contemporary spherical installation, suggestive of her desire to create a sculpture that embodies both tradition and modernity, thereby facilitating a dialogue between the older and the younger generation. The resulting work materializes as a symbol of the eternality of the sacred feminine.

Sphere of Good and of Spiritual Renaissance

90 x 110 cm | 1500 hand painted eggs

Mas graduated from Ilyichevsk School of Arts in 1986 and the M.B. Grekov Odessa State Art School in 1992. While working as an artist, she earned a BA in Philosophy at Odessa State University in 2003.

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