Adnan Al Ahmed

Bahrain | 1960

Adnan Al Ahmed’s paintings are characterized by geometric figures, bold and smooth planes of colour and narratives expressed through simplified compositions. Inspired by music, poetry and philosophy, Al Ahmed’s work seeks to express deeply personal memories and thought processes that are simultaneously fundamentally human.


Daytime Spring

140 x 200 cm | Acrylic on canvas

Point of View

85 x 100 cm | Oil on canvas

A Woman’s Diary

140 x 152 cm | Oil on canvas


173 x 193 cm | Oil on canvas

Vase 2

17 x 23 cm | Oil on canvas

Days of Anxiety

29 x 36 cm | Acrylic on canvas

Days of Love

30 x 36 cm | Acrylic on canvas

Al Ahmed graduated from the École National Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France in 1986. Following this, he received a diploma in Expressionism in the Plastic Arts in 1987. He currently lives and works in Bahrain and is one of the founding members of the Bahrain Arts Society.

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