Nasser Al Aswadi

Huir, Yemen | 1978

For Nasser Al Aswadi, calligraphy offered a means in which to express a certain sentiment without it being specifically linked to language. He begins each work by considering a certain life experience or pivotal event. Gaining inspiration from spiritual and musical sources, he aims to translate that experience visually, through a specifically chosen writing style. The meditative and rhythmic act of painting each letter or word results in intertwined and interwoven formations inherent of fluid, vigorous and transformative energy.

Nasser Al Aswadi studied architecture in both Taiz and Sanaa, Yemen. He held his first solo exhibition in Sanaa in 2001. He divides his time between Yemen and Paris.


4 / Untitled

185 x 197 cm | Oil and natural pigments on canvas

9 / Untitled

150 x 112 cm | Oil and natural pigments on canvas

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