Khaled Ben Slimane

Nabeul, Tunisia | 1951

Ceramist and painter Khaled Ben Slimane, merges features reminiscent of his Middle Eastern roots with inspiration derived from Japanese culture, into his work. His resulting imagery appears like contemporary interpretations of ancient texts or early ceramics, with free-flowing symbols, calligraphic letters and Arabic sayings. Although the phrases he selects are important to the development of his visual language, the expressive, lyrical nature with which they are executed, is of equal importance. Neither by accident, nor with clear intention, Ben Slimane integrates elements that recall Sufism, with suggestions of Buddhist philosophy, a natural reaction to his exploration of a spirituality, in all forms.



152 x 152 cm | Acrylic on canson paper

Ben Slimane graduated in 1977, with a degree in Ceramics from the Institute of Technology for Art, Architecture and Urbanism, in Tunis. He studied at the Escuela Massana in Barcelona before returning to Tunisia in 1979. Between 1975- 1976, Ben Slimane travelled to India, Iran and Pakistan and between 1982-1983, he lived in Tokyo, Japan where he collaborated with Japanese ceramists.

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