Augustus Osborne Lamplough

Manchester, UK | 1877 – 1930 | Bromborough, UK

Augustus Osborne Lamplough studied at the Chester School of Art. In 1898 he began lecturing at the Leeds School of Art and it was during this time that he travelled to Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and other parts of North Africa. Lamplough exhibited throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. Although most of his early works focus on interiors and scenes of Venice, after 1905, he dedicated himself to watercolour Orientalist scenes, always painted within an hour of sunset.

Creeping Shadows

22 x 59 cm | Watercolour on paper


26 x 63 cm | Watercolour on paper

Mist Effect on the Upper Nile

23 x 59.5 cm | Watercolour on paper

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