Hassan Hajjaj

Larache, Morocco | 1961

Widely recognized as the ‘Andy Warhol of Marrakech’, Hassan Hajjaj’s work incorporates and merges various techniques, mediums and styles including photography, print, furniture design and film.

Employing fashion photography, he dresses his subjects in colourful North African clothing, surrounds them with fabric and recycled objects and sets them within frames of consumer products, such as Coca-Cola or Louis Vuitton. By redefining fine art photography and pop culture and juxtaposing varying cultural attributes within a Western-oriented setting, Hajjaj aims to make a statement in the West’s preconceptions of Arab culture and society.


Hindi Odalisque

90 x 175 cm | Metallic lambda print, wooden frame with plastic matting

After moving to London when he was a teenager, Hajjaj spent his early years working as a music promoter. Growing up amid the emerging club culture in the UK, he was often employed to decorate the interior of club venues, developing his iconic style. Hajjaj currently lives and works between Marrakesh, Morocco and London, United Kingdom.

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