A non-profit organization, the RAK Art Foundation is dedicated to empowering artists worldwide by providing opportunities; encouraging cross-cultural collaborations and exchange; and fostering international partnerships. Through a comprehensive and accessible public program, the RAK Art Foundation seeks to engage the community and educate the public, offering a platform for critical discourse and social dialogue. Advocating for the development of endeavours related to innovation and sustainability, the RAK Art Foundation believes in the necessity of such efforts in furthering change and progress. The RAK Art Foundation exists within a converted traditional Bahraini House, the home where Rashid Al Khalifa was raised.

RAK Collection

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Built in the 1920s, the original foundation although restored, maintains its original walls and colonnade. Certain elements, including remnants of the original gypsum walls, now act as central features and charming backdrops to one of the galleries which displays key works from the collection. Rashid Al Khalifa’s childhood bedroom, part of the second phase of the home built in the 1960s, is now an office and library, adjacent to one of Rashid’s first artworks that he painted directly onto the wall when he was only 16. The third phase, a double story building, was completed in 2014 and boasts high ceilings, ornamental detailing and elevated windows, that allow the space to be submerged in a gentle light, casting striking shadows. Typical to traditional Bahraini architecture, each pavilion surrounds a central courtyard. Within the courtyard stands a prominent ornamental structure, that houses Rashid Al Khalifa’s personal art studio.

About Rashid Al Khalifa

Born in 1952 in Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain, Rashid Al Khalifa is a practicing artist, patron of the arts and collector. He recalls collecting his first work of art when he was at university in the UK, a print by Henry Moore. Since then, his collection has grown to an impressive size, consisting of hundreds of international works of fine and decorative art, camera and film equipment and furniture and interior design.

As an artist, Rashid Al Khalifa continues to exhibit internationally, showcasing his most recent installations at the Saatchi Gallery, London (2018) and the me Collectors Room, Berlin (2019), receiving international acclaim.

Since founding the Bahrain Arts Society in 1983, Rashid Al Khalifa has been an ardent supporter of artists and arts initiatives, understanding the necessity of arts education and awareness as a precursor to advancement and progress.

Rashid Al Khalifa

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