Lita Cabellut

Aragon, Spain | 1961

Lita Cabellut grew up as a street child in Barcelona where her mother ran a brothel. She was raised by her grandmother until she passed away and Cabellut was sent to an orphanage. After being adopted by a Catalan family at the age of 12, she became exposed to the art world and was particularly drawn to the works of artists such as Goya, Velasquez and Frans Hals. At the age of 19, she moved to the Netherlands to pursue her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where she studied until 1984, learning, adopting and developing certain techniques that would later define her oeuvre.


Dulcinea XXIX

199 x 179 cm | Mixed media on canvas

By mixing and applying oil paint and tempera, Cabellut’s large-scale portraits, resemble the fresco technique and echo the style of the Dutch masters. Her resulting depictions of historical characters from popular culture and literature are inherent of a dynamic, highly emotive aura and a timeless sensibility.

Cabellut lives and works in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

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