Azade Köker

Istanbul, Turkey | 1949

In much of her later work, Azade Köker creates representations of natural forms incorporating traces of human intervention.  In this case, the red apple’s true nature is revealed when it is juxtaposed against the pattern of repetitive skulls that cover the surface. In doing so, Köker disrupts the conventionality of the imagery and invites the viewer to reconsider their preconceptions towards it.  The red apple is traditionally viewed as a symbol of beauty and earthly desire- the forbidden fruit- yet here, its multifarious, true nature is revealed, as one that is inherent of opposing attributes: beauty and distaste; purity and evil; earthly desire and otherworldly temptations.


The Apple

140 x 210 cm | Collage on panel

Köker graduated from Istanbul State Academy of Fine Art in 1971. Between 1973- 1976 she studied at the Berlin School of Fine Arts in the Department of Industrial Design. She continued her studies at the Berlin School of Fine Arts in the Department of Sculpture between 1976-1979. Since 1992, she has taught in several Universities across Germany.

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