Mark Francis

Newtownards, Northern Ireland, UK | 1962

Mark Francis has long been fascinated by the technological and scientific advances used to enhance our sense of perception. By considering aspects of both the inner and outer visual worlds that are unseen to the naked eye, his paintings result in dark, scattered, cellular forms, interspersed and interconnected with fluid, slick, organic lines. In doing so, Francis recalls the miniature universe and molecular structures seen when viewing matter through a microscopic lens. Alternatively, when examining the outer world, Francis references graphic interpretations of data received by radio telescopes and used by astronomers to chart distance zones in the cosmos. His resulting ‘outer’ studies employ grid-like structures recalling sound bites and data waves.


Alpha II

213.5 x 183 cm | Oil on canvas

Interestingly, when viewing Francis’ work, it is often difficult to differentiate one source of inspiration, whether internal or external, from another. This speaks of the limits of our perception, of the untapped ability of our minds and of the boundless universe that exists both within and without us.

Mark Francis began his studies at St. Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK in 1981, graduating with a BA in 1985. He obtained his MA at Chelsea School of Art, London, UK in 1986.

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